Chairperson, Joann Price

Joann Price conducts and presides at meetings of the Board of Directors. She also oversees and approves all funding activities. Her relevant education and experience includes Business/Human Resource Management.

Vice Chairperson, Qiana Black

Qiana Black serves in absence of the chairperson and is responsible for assisting the chairperson with duties related to outcome measures and management client data. Her relevant education and experience includes a Social Work and Human Resource Management.

Treasurer, Sheila Moody

Sheila Moody oversees the deposits, disbursement, and the preparation for filing of all the year-end reports. Her relevant education and experience includes Senior Accountant for the U.S. Government.

Secretary, Sharon Smith-Lunn

Sharon Smith-Lunn serves as recorder for all meetings. Her relevant education and experience includes Management Studies and Public Administration.

Managing Director, Robert W. Cradle

Robert Cradle serves as the overseer of sponsored projects and fundraising duties. His relevant education and experience includes barber/styling and resource development.

Grants Administrator, Terri Cradle

Terri Cradle serves as grants comptroller. She monitors the donor accounts preparing financial data for each donor and organizational profit and loss statements. Her relevant education and experience includes Business Administration and Human Resource Management.

The RBCF Team has managed funds from the following Foundations, organizations and other non-profits

Ronald McDonald House Charities
Coca Cola Foundation
Rouse Company Foundation
Verizon Foundation
Dounkin Donuts Foundation
Accokkeek Foundation
Safeway Foundation
Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Walmart Foundation
Gilliam Foundation
State Farm Foundation
Chaney Foundation
Drum Foundation
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Dresher Foundation
Associated Black Charities
Annapolis Community Foundation
Allstate Foundation
Peggy Meyerhoff Pearlstone Foundation
Anne Arundel County Women Giving Together
Corporate Offices’ Property Trust
Bank of America
Bank of Glen Burnie
Merrill Lynch
The Meltzer Group
Sam’s Service, LLC
Northrop Grumman Employee Giving Fund
Pepsi Bottling Group
William & Mary Chewning Trust
Sam’s Club
Norfolk Design
Beechfield UMC
Ft Meade Officers wives club
Kittamaqundi Community Church
Church of Hope, Inc.
Allstate’s Capital Women in Business