Our Mission:

Rob’s Barbershop Community Foundation provides comprehensive management for donors who support projects that make grooming services accessible to targeted populations with barriers to regular hygienic care.


Number of projects performed to date: 49

Number of  individuals served: 17,698

Number of haircuts performed: 23,174

Number of hairstyles performed: 4,024

Number of other grooming services performed: 4,983

Number of individuals able to attend their job interviews with a neat and clean appearance: 4,178

Number of individuals able to attend their new place of employment with a neat and clean appearance: 3,544

Number of individuals able to attend school with a neat and clean appearance: 8,281


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Four locations


RBCF installed two full-service single-station and one portable barber/beauty salon onsite at the T.I.M.E. Organization located in Baltimore and Glen Burnie. T.I.M.E. is an outpatient mental health clinic that provides supportive housing for adults and adolescents. The full-service barber/beauty salon will provide no-charge hair care to the 21% (or 923) of their clients who need access to regular grooming services.

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Project Underwriter

Abell Foundation


two men shaking hands in a barber shop.two men shaking hands in front of a barber chair.

RBCF works directly with students on college campuses who seek to make grooming services accessible to their classmates who lack access to regular hair care. We support college students with apprenticeships, opportunities, financial support, supplies, and technical assistance concerning safety and compliance. We are currently working with students on the campus of the Universities of Maryland and New Haven, and Bowie State University.

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Project Underwriters:

Wal Mart Foundation

Jeffery McCroy

Gregory Darisaw


RBCF partners with the Belo Consulting Group to increase the knowledge of targeted groups concerning Maryland’s version of the C.R.O.W.N Act. Under House Bill (HB) 1444/Senate Bill (SB) 531, Maryland employers are prohibited from discriminating against individuals based on “certain traits associated with race, including hair texture and certain hairstyles.


Project Underwriter:

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Diane Bell McCoy

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Pet Grooming Support Project

RBCF supports activities that make grooming support services accessible to target pet populations with barriers to regular hair care. Serval zip codes in the Baltimore metropolitan area do not have pet grooming salons in their neighborhoods. Therefore, RBCF seeks to provide supplies, equipment, and personnel to local pet shelters, programs, and grooming training sessions for citizens in low-income communities.

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Barber Internship Project

RBCF is partnering with Kendricks Barbershop to remove barriers for Anne Arundel County Public School (AACPS) students seeking to enter the barbering profession. Currently, 34 AACPS students must still be selected to enter their barbering vocational program. Therefore, RBCF & Kendricks will provide waiting list students with the necessary training hours to qualify for their State Board of Barbers examination.

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Helen J. Serini Foundation

Adam Matos

Virginia Diaz


This project was created in 2022 when RBCF assessed that grooming-related outreach from barber and beauty salons in Maryland fell 33% below the nation’s average. Therefore, in 2024, RBCF will also focus on expanding the public reach and scaling effective strategies for nine grooming professionals and their respective businesses. Each cohort member will work closely with RBCF, learning the program outcome model and other capacity-building methods.  Each will be operating their respective projects in 2024. See the list below for the names of each member!

Neijae Graham, Future Barber – “Worlds Youngest Female Barber”
Cole Parker, Apprentice Barber
Zyier Deas, Apprentice Barber – Zipp Cutz
Marquis Kendricks, Master Barber – Kendrick’s Barbershop
LaTonya Savage, Senior Cosmetologist – DiJ’s Hair, Skin & Nails
Aisha McCray, Master Barber – AM Cutz
Kenneth “Kenny” Snow, Master Barber – Grateful Handz Barbershop
Chantay Ambrose, Cosmetologist – Channy Creationz
LaMiya Kirby, Apprentice Hairstylist – Joyce Essentials Beauty Supply & Natural Hair Suite 

If you want to support this project or donate directly to an individual listed, please use the donation button below. If applicable, list the individual you want to directly support on your PayPal memo line.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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