Would you like to start a fund to underwrite the cost of a grooming project for a targeted population? These populations have barriers to receiving regular hygienic care.  Get started by answering our brief questionnaire or connecting with us by going to our contact page. You can also call RBCF Managing Director, Robert W. Cradle at (410) 245-8875 with any questions.


Benefits of starting a fund with the RBCF

1) Control – You will have the benefit of setting your own guidelines concerning who, where and what type of grooming project that your funds will support. 

2) The highest social impact for your money – We will vet and deliver to you a project that will make the greatest impact for your money. You will receive a full report concerning where your funds were spent and the resulting outputs and outcomes regarding the project’s impact on the selected population.

3) A tangible project that you can claim – RBCF will deliver to you a project that is necessary and tangible. We will only present to you a project that can significantly reduce (or eliminate) the problem of lack of access to grooming within a targeted population. We are proud to have managed funds for forty different Foundations and Corporations without any impropriety or default!

4) Publicity concerning your gift. Based on your wishes, we publicize your gift and the resulting project by initiating a press release to our media and social media contacts.

5) Others can join you – If your friends, family and colleagues are excited that you are sponsoring a grooming project, they can submit contributions of any size to your fund. You can make your fund a group effort conducting various fundraising drives to increase the size of your fund.

6) Tax-deductibility – The portion of your fund that you have contributed as well as all other subsequent contributions may be eligible for a tax deduction on your upcoming tax return. Consult your tax preparer concerning whether your contribution(s) are tax deductible.

Posted on May 18, 2014 By R.B.C.F.